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Storybook Phonics II expands on Storybook Phonics I. Stories have more pages that contain longer sentences than those in Storybook Phonics I. Using regular phonemic patterns and rich, colorful illustrations, words are highlighted as they are read aloud. Students can also opt to read the words unassisted and then hear them read aloud. Storybook Phonics II focuses on final consonant clusters and vowels and long vowel phonemes. Storybook Phonics II is ideal for independent and team study with computers and is compatible with interactive whiteboards for whole-class instruction.

Storybook Phonics II introduces students to the following:

  • focus on fluency with phonics and oral reading
  • activities that reinforce words from the stories
  • activities that facilitate reading comprehension
  • interactive games
  • blending and segmenting skills
  • becoming a reader
  • initial consonant clusters
  • vowel and long vowel phonemes
Curriculum Planning Manual (CPM) –
Contains Teachers’ Guide and Scope and Sequence



• All fifteen stories in the combined title contain a study guide, a practice and mastery test, and essay.

• Most essays and phonics extension assignments include a variety of activities as well as written responses designed to enhance student learning.

• All stories are voiced, beautifully illustrated in full color, and include character animations. Words are highlighted in synchronicity with the narrator's voice. As students listen to the stories, they are encouraged to read along with the narrator. The primary purpose of the books is to promote reading fluency.

• Each lesson contains a variety of fun, interactive games such as drag and drop, picture to word matching, and many more.

• Storybook Phonics II focuses on fluency with phonics and oral reading.

• The design of the phonics extension activities reinforces words from the stories and provides activities that facilitate reading comprehension.

• Interactive games are designed to enhance blending and segmenting skills for fluent reading and accurate spelling.

• Due to the interactive nature of Storybook Phonics activities, there are a few specific software requirements:

  • Storybook Phonics requires a web browser. The following are recommended: Microsoft Internet Explorer® versions 6.0 or higher,
    Safari ® versions 2.0 or higher.

  • The interactive activities of the digital books and games require a web browser equipped with the Adobe® Flash® and Shockwave plug-ins. Available at: (select Get ADOBE FLASH PLAYER and Get Shockwave Player).
    • Note: Software requires Shockwave Player 11.0

  • An Internet connection is required.

Storybook Phonics II

  • Lessons 1 - 15
  • Becoming a Reader
  • Focus on Initial Consonant Clusters
  • Focus on Vowel and Long Vowel Phonemes


More information on this course can be found in the CPM, which contains the Teachers’ Guide and Scope and Sequence. Links to this PDFs can be found near the top of this page.

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